Thanks for the nice words

The idea behind LazyTruth appears to strike a nerve. It turns out that many of us have someone in our life, often extended family, forwarding us baseless rumors and hoaxes. Since launching in October, we’ve been thrilled to see LazyTruth show up in the Economist, on, and on nearly all of our favorite blogs. Here are our top referrers through January 11, 2013, in order of traffic sent to

  1. The Kim Komando Show
  2. Lifehacker
  3. The Atlantic
  4. New Scientist
  5. Twitter
  6. boingboing
  7. Facebook
  8. Google Search
  9. Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Beast
  10. The Verge
  11. Nieman Lab
  12. Gizmag
  13. Howtogeek
  14. Engadget
  15. Something Awful forums
  16. The New York Times (Room for Debate blog)
Some sites linked directly to our Chrome Store listing (better for encouraging installs!), so they’re under or not represented here. Unfortunately, we don’t have those numbers.
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