“Delivering kernels of truth right to your inbox.”

“A great way to make us all even lazier more efficient when it comes to debunking some of the wilder rumors”
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“And, Voila, Something That Will Finally Stop Your Crazy Uncle From Sending You More Cracked Forwards”
Nieman Journalism Lab

“Once a user clears the first (and only) hurdle — installing it as a Chrome extension — the plugin does all the work. The gap between the consumption of misinformation and the correction is reduced to nearly zero.”

“An inbox plugin that analyzes political e-mails and then autocomposes a fact-based response, saving Internet users the trouble of rounding up facts”

“Do you still get those, “child stuck in a well, send money” chain emails from family members or friends? They’re annoying to say the least, and chances are you usually just ignore them. However, if you’d like to educate those who send them, LazyTruth is a Chrome extension for Gmail that checks the facts, and replies with the truth.”

Maria Popova (@brainpicker):

“Oh this is great: LazyTruth, a Gmail plugin that uncovers false claims in forwarded emails


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