MBFC or Media Bias/Fact Check

The MBFC news is the apex fact-checking website that confirms the facts of other fact checkers such as newspapers, other fact-checking websites and other news media. The site has an extensive reputation for various fact-checking information provided online. MBFC helps confirm the factual accuracy of information based on factors such as wording, grammar, story choice, sources, and relevant political affiliation.



As the name indicates, Politifact is a website that checks the truth, accuracy, and validity of information available in the political sphere of the United States. Political facts and information can include anything from immigration laws, political statements, and general news. The website has a global edition which checks the factual accuracy of global events and relevant articles. The site has been awarded the famous Pulitzer Prize for its quality and truthfulness of information offered. You can check the accuracy of political materials on its intriguing truth-o-meter. The tool confirms the integrity of any political remark made.


Snopes was initially meant to fact check simple topics such as urban legends, myths, rumors and other common misconceptions about things. However, with its progress over time, Snopes began to fact check the factual accuracy of global events, political remarks and the latest viral image or video being shared on social media platforms. Snopes has been credited as reliable fact-checker due to the impeccable quality and truthfulness of the information provided.  Although many rivals claim that Snopes is lenient towards specific political parties, the website is favored by a tremendous amount of people and has a significant community of followers.



Another fact-checking website, FactCheck.org is renowned for its accurate and truthful information provided. The site is distinct from others considering it provides an interactive platform for customers to ask queries and seek direct solutions. FactCheck.org is an active partner of Facebook.it has teamed with the social media giant to debunk the extensive amount of viral information being shared on it. The websites specialize in political accuracy of United States politics. Moreover, it is a non-profit organization, intending to provide genuine information to patrons rather than seeking profits.

Google search

Searching for facts through Google’s search engine can get you the right accuracy and validity of its sources. However, it is recommended to keep an eye out for only genuine links and websites among its hundreds of search results generated. Click on legitimate sites instead of shady blogs that have no official sources and offer misinformation.